Your ADHD Besties Podcast

Your ADHD Besties is a podcast for people who are over-stimulated, underwhelmed, tired, energetic and INCREDIBLY ATTRACTIVE ❤️‍🔥 all at the same time... people who put the BDE in ADHD 🍆

Join Grace & Tara for episodes every Thursday where we unmask together and discuss your juuuuicy ADHD dilemmas. 

Submit your divergent dilemm below, we know you want to. 😎

New episode drops every Thursday!

Submit your divergent dilemmas!

Tell us your deepest, darkest, most secretest secrets and we PROMISE to share them immediately (you can stay anon). 🤫

Podcast hosts

Grace Koelma

Grace is the kind of person that will convince herself that purchasing anything that comes in a pastel colour is integral to her health and wellbeing.

Tara breuso

Tara is the kind of person that would rather break every bone in her body trying to bring stuff in from the car than make 2 trips. 

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