Your ADHD Besties is a podcast for people who are under-stimulated, over-stimulated and incredibly attractive, all at the same time. ❤️‍🔥

Join besties Tara & Grace for episodes every Thursday where we unmask together and discuss your ADHD dilemmas. Submit a dilemma here.

Podcast hosts

Grace Koelma

Grace is the kind of person who will convince herself that purchasing anything that comes in a pastel colour is integral to her health and wellbeing. 

The boring important stuff:

Grace is the co-founder of Future ADHD. She started her career as a teacher, but when she realised large groups of tiny, sticky humans were too overstimulating for her neurodivergent brain, she moved to working in adult education. After a late-diagnosis of ADHD, Grace created the world's No. 1 evidence-based ADHD planner. She's also working on a top secret ADHD project which is so top secret she's not allowed to even say what it is. (it's a book)

Grace blends scientific research with passion and personal experience to create tools that help ADHDers embrace their individuality and work with their ‘neurosparkly’ brains. She is also a certified breathwork & meditation teacher, and can't stop/won't stop talking about how regulating your nervous system is a game-changer. Oh and her book is available for pre-order now.

The cute stuff:

Grace lives in Western Australia with her husband Eric and two adorable blonde sons. The four of them are big fans of magna-tiles, vanlife trips and Bluey. 

Tara Breuso

Tara is the kind of person who would rather break every bone in her body trying to bring stuff in from the car than make two trips.

The boring important stuff:

Tara is an accredited practising dietitian with 6+ years experience, working in varied areas of dietetics (see insatiable ADHD appetite for novelty). She is extra-supremely passionate about the non-diet approach and helping people with ADHD to remove the guilt/shame around eating and bingeing while learning to trust their own bodies again. She is known for saying fun things like "the culture we live in is horrible when it comes to shame around food and eating - put everything you've heard in magazines or social media about food in the bin"  and "You would NOT mistake a poo for a wee and you are also NOT mistaking hunger for thirst."

Tara was diagnosed with ADHD at 21 but didn't really believe the psychiatrist until she had her first baby and his cries melted her brain (ahh the sweet sweet arrogance of youth).

The cute stuff:

Tara lives in Western Australia with her husband Jesse and two adorable brunette sons. The four of them are big fans of cheese, the beach, and Julia Donaldson books (except for the one about the cigar smoking scarecrow).

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